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Leslie Love - Biography

My name is Leslie and I am addicted to paint. I love the colors, the names of colors, the promise of a new jar of paint.
I have been interested in art all my life, drawing and painting since I was a child. I made a slight detour, earning a B.A. and an M.S. in Biology from Ole Miss. For the many years I had a faux finish and mural business, Love Designs. Early in 2007 I was diagnosed with cancer and ended up with a lot of time on my hands and a large studio with lots of art supplies that I had collected over the years. My husband built me a large easel and I would toddle down there in between treatments and surgeries and paint. Now I have a clearer idea of 'NOW.' I don't think I have time to worry about what other people think or what I 'should' do. Those are the things that paralyzed me when I was younger and thought that I had forever to do all of the things that I wanted to do.
I paint what I feel or see or imagine. I play with color, form, and style. A landscape may capture my imagination and I may think about it for months before I begin to paint. One series began when I was recovering and began to study myth and legend. The Raven series was born from that reading. My Oz series was started while watching a documentary set in Australia.

Although self-taught, I have participated in workshops, the first of which, led by Glenn Ray Tutor, began my interest in acrylics. I also participated in a portrait workshop led by Greg Cartmell. I studied mural painting with Nicola Vigini of San Antonio and Sean Crosby of New York. I reside near Oxford, Mississippi with my husband, Dale, and the cats who own us.